Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction Treatment Services

Gambling can begin innocently, but quickly spiral into something far more damaging. The effects can go beyond financial difficulty, including emotional consequences. Our addiction experts take a holistic, ongoing approach that varies from patient to patient, addressing the factors that trigger the problem, and accompanying them on their journey to recovery.

Whether the problem involves lottery tickets, sports bets, poker, or online gaming, our inpatient program can help. Considering every facet of the individual, we address the unique issues of problem gambling – such as guilt, anger and shame – and work to identify the triggering factors, establish positive behaviours, create financial strategies and teach money management techniques.

Treatment doesn’t end with the program. Those we serve can access Continuing Care programs for support during the first years of recovery. We are ready and willing to help you as you build a new abstinent life, and we encourage families and loved ones to participate as well. Together, we create a healthy, safe, and happy environment for recovery.

75% of problem gambling clients were not considered problematic gamblers as measured by the Canadian Problem Gambling Severity Index at 6-month follow-up.

Source: 6-month follow-up research study of Bellwood clients admitted from 2004-2007 (N=68).