Family member

I learned that addiction is a family disease. I learned the difference between care giving and care taking and how destructive the latter is. I learned tools to help me move forward and that I would never have to feel alone again; that I would have the love, support and guidance of a lot of … Read more

Erica’s Mom

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I thought my daughter was going to die – and she would have – without your intervention and her desire to live again.

B ~ Ottawa

After my initial treatment, I lapsed once and really hit my bottom in the detox centre; but the tools, self awareness and the network which I found at Bellwood pulled me through. I am now happily approaching my fifth year celebration of sobriety and can once again be a role model to my family.

BG ~ Ontario

I could not have landed in a better place to get sober and to turn my life around. I truly feel that I have come out of the shadows and into the light. I highly recommend this program.

Jim H.

I will be eternally grateful for what Edgewood has done for me. It is truly a house of miracles