Victoria Addiction Treatment Clinic

Treatment of addiction, trauma and other related mental health conditions

Welcome to the Edgewood Health Network Victoria clinic!

During your no fee consultation you will be welcomed into a comfortable, calm environment to talk with a counselor about your needs and ways we can help. You may access specialized counseling and programs for individuals, couples and families looking for assistance with substance use, trauma and other related mental health concerns. Our qualified staff have specialized training in the areas of substances and behavioral addictions such as compulsive sexual behaviors and eating disorders, PTSD, trauma and other related mental health issues. You will be recognized for your courage and capacity and you will be provided with professional, confidential services that match your changing needs.

Our Philosophy

Collaboration, compassion and respect set the tone for the care that we provide. We recognize that addiction and related mental health issues create isolation and thrive on it, so creating community and forging connections is fundamental to our philosophy of care. Our treatment approach creates therapeutic communities in which clients, families and staff alike contribute to the healing process as they share activities, build relationships and interact. Careful attention is paid to an environment of safety, trust and honesty as people achieve wellness and improve the quality of their lives.

One of the keys to successful treatment is ensuring that the individual is accurately assessed so their specific treatment needs are identified early in the treatment process. Our assessment process ensures that critical issues such as trauma, depression, chronic pain and anxiety are identified. Early identification of the client’s specific challenges allows our clinicians to develop comprehensive treatment plans so these challenges can be addressed together.

Effective services which include psychoeducation, skill development, social connection and accessing community supports can reduce symptoms of addiction and other mental health concerns and increase well being.

Mental health and addiction issues impact families in profound ways. Shame and stigma continue to be barriers in people asking for and accepting help. Our clinicians are dedicated to providing compassionate and effective care for individuals and families. Our therapeutic groups connect individuals with similar concerns so they can work through feelings of shame and stigma associated with addiction and related mental health concerns and recognize they are not alone and change is possible.

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