EHN Nanaimo Outpatient – Team

Dr. Christina Basedow

Clinical Manager

Dr. Christina A. Basedow has a strong passion for working in the addictions field. She has been working with individuals, couples, and families struggling with substance misuse issues, mental health disorders, and co-dependency issues. Christina is skilled in a variety of areas including family counselling, eating disorders, sexual compulsions, and CBT/DBT. Christina brings her personal experience, compassion, and a wealth of knowledge in psychology, research, and teaching, to her clients, and to EHN. Christina is registered with the BC Association of Registered Clinical Counsellors and holds a Ph.D. in Psychology. She is also currently a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist Candidate.

Noelle Reimer

BA, MA, Continuing Care Counsellor

With a BA in Psychology from UBC and a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology and Organizational Psychology from Adler University in Chicago, Noelle uses a wide range of approaches and intervention strategies with her patients in order to “meet them where they are.”Knowing that early recovery can be a challenging time, Noelle guides and supports using techniques that are simple yet effective – easily learned and applied outside of therapy sessions.Noelle works both with people who have completed inpatient treatment as well as those who are receiving support on an outpatient basis. She enjoys working with individuals who have chosen to continue to work on their issues, supporting them with flexibility and openness, to become healthier individuals.

John Lawlor,

MA, RCC, Continuing Care & Outpatient Counsellor

John is a Continuing Care and Outpatient counsellor at Edgewood Nanaimo. He is currently completing a Doctor of Psychology and investigating constructs of long-term, 12-Step recovery as his dissertation topic. His education and experience is complemented by almost four decades of personal recovery. John views treatment as a first step of a lifelong, dynamic and evolving journey characterized by a fundamental understanding of an authentic psychological, social and spiritual self. John and his wife Jamie enjoys traveling, BC’s outdoors and live theatre.

Sergio Orlando

Outpatient Counsellor

After successfully completing treatment and embarking on his own recovery in 1988 Sergio’s interest in addiction treatment was piqued. He went on to receive training in the field of addiction treatment in Montreal, QC and subsequent certification in Vancouver, BC. Sergio began working as an inpatient counsellor at Edgewood in the summer of 2000 and for the last sixteen years, his training, experience and passion have been part of the transformation of many lives. “I try to bring an attitude of compassion when I come to work. This is the place to give you hope, to have the freedom to not have to live the life you were living. I want to say to the suffering addict, ‘I do understand you and there is a better life’.” Sergio Orlando is a living testament to a good life in recovery.

Alex Reid

Administrative Assistant

Alex has been with Edgewood since 2012. She began as a member of Edgewood’s Support Staff and with certification in the Applied Business Technology: Accounting Assistant Program at Vancouver Island University is now Edgewood Nanaimo Outpatient Services administrative assistant.

Alex not only brings her administrative skills but her personal experience and understanding of recovery to her interactions with patients and families. Cheerfully active in her own recovery, she says she can’t encourage patients to ‘work their program’ if she’s not doing it herself. Witnessing the transformation patients experience as they work through their treatment program and being part of a supportive team that helps patients to move from feelings of low self-worth to healthy self-esteem is part of the magic of her everyday experience at Edgewood.

Annette Richardson

Annette joined Edgewood six years ago starting out as a Support Staff member and subsequently made the transition into a position with the Continuing Care Department as a junior counsellor. Having completed her Level 1 and 2 counselling certification through Vancouver Island University, Annette is dedicated to furthering her education in the field. As someone with a family member who continues to be affected by the disease, Annette understands the hard work that is required to change lives and repair the damage. Through Edgewood she has also come to learn a lot about herself, “…it has given me the opportunity to learn so much about myself which has not only changed my life, but also my relationship with people in my family. I learn so much from the people I come into contact with here.”