Outpatient Centres

With outpatient clinics located across Canada, EHN Canada is the premier choice for addiction treatment options nationwide. We have locations throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec all designed to create a personalized care plan that is best suited for each individuals specific needs. Customized services may include:

• Assessment and screening
• Early intervention
• Effective treatment recommendation
• Educational programs
• Individual and group sessions
• Family programs
• Relapse prevention techniques
• Drug monitoring
• Recovery coaching



An outpost for those seeking help with addiction, Edgewood Health Network Calgary provides an outpatient program involving addiction education, therapy, prevention techniques, assessments, and plans for recovery. Our Calgary team works with families, employers, friends and the individual to establish healthy recovery within a supportive community. We know that each patient is the product of unique circumstances, which is why we tailor our treatment to the requirements of each individual. Whatever your needs, we will meet them, and set you on a personalized journey to recovery.

You can visit EHN Calgary at: 2303 4 ST SW #801, CALGARY, AB


Addiction can be treated effectively, and your personalized journey to recovery begins minutes from the heart of downtown Toronto. As our patient’s first point of contact in dealing with addiction, Edgewood Health Network Toronto provides a comprehensive outpatient program, one-on-one counselling, as well as group and family therapy. Our program is tailored to the individual because no two patients are entirely alike. Whatever your needs are, we can – and will – meet them, and help you on your journey to recovery.

You can visit EHN Toronto at: 39 Pleasant Blvd, Toronto, ON


Edgewood Health Network Vancouver is a premier clinic that provides treatment for addiction and substance use disorders. Our Vancouver location offers a variety of services; from individual counselling to an in-depth outpatient program for those who do not require treatment within a residential facility. Our programs place a focus on the individual and take a holistic, tailored approach to treatment. No two patients share the same journey to recovery, and we are here to help you find yours. Voted best addiction recovery centre in Vancouver.

You can visit EHN Vancouver at: 1525 W 7th Ave, Vancouver, BC


Edgewood Health Network Victoria – During your no fee consultation you will be welcomed into a comfortable, calm environment to talk with a counselor about your needs and ways we can help. You may access specialized counseling and programs for individuals, couples and families looking for assistance with substance use, trauma and other related mental health concerns. Our qualified staff have specialized training in the areas of substances and behavioral addictions such as compulsive sexual behaviors and eating disorders, PTSD, trauma and other related mental health issues. You will be recognized for your courage and capacity and you will be provided with professional, confidential services that match your changing needs.

You can visit EHN Victoria at: 1245 Esquimalt Rd #102, Victoria, BC