Women’s Sex and Love Addiction Intensive Program

Dates: Start July 15

About the program

As Canada’s leader in the treatment of sex addiction since 2002, our approach is based on the highly effective treatment model developed by Dr. Patrick Carnes, a pioneer in the assessment and management of sexual addiction.

Our team of Certified Sex Addiction Therapists have the experience and expertise to successfully support and guide our clients on their journey to recovery.

• 11 day intensive residential treatment program for women.

• All of our sexual addiction programs are led by Certified Sexual Addiction Therapists.

• Sexual addiction can be treated concurrently with a substance disorder. (Those with co-occurring substance use should attend 3 weeks of our core addiction treatment prior to 11 day intensive SA program)

• Referral to community resources for continuing care


• Utilizing cognitive behaviour therapy and dialectical behaviour therapy approaches.

• A combination of individual and small group therapy sessions explore and examine: ones desire for love and intimacy or unhealthy sexual behaviours and resulting consequences, understand interpersonal trauma, identify triggers and compulsions, create a customized relapse prevention plan and learn concepts of healthy intimacy and sexuality.

• Compulsive sexual behaviour psycho-education and relevant addiction related psycho-education

• An integrated relapse prevention focus, including a customized relapse prevention program unique to each individual.

• Comprehensive discharge planning ensures the client is properly supported and set up for success beyond our doors.

Are you unsure if you might need our program?

· Have you had repeated extra-marital affairs

· Do you obsessively think about or stalk past partners?

· Do you give up important things in your life (ie: family, hobbies, work) for relationships?

· Do you worry about being alone and stay in relationships because of this fear?

· Do you have a preoccupation with sex that interferes with a normal sexual relationship with one’s spouse or partner

· Do you have a compulsion to engage in casual or anonymous sexual relationships

· Do you have an urge to use sex as a means to hide from the challenges in one’s life

· Do you compulsively or overuse of pornography

If so please call us to see if you may benefit from our help

Cost $790/day x 11 days