By Charles Whelton, MD, FRCP (C), ABAM Psychiatrist, Maple Team, Edgewood Treatment Centre   As a psychiatrist, I’m good at talking the talk. I listen to people, assess their situation as best I can, and then I give it to them with both barrels. Advice, counsel, guidance, help, direction, recommendations, suggestions, tips. I’m full of it, … Read more


By Jeff Vircoe She is the first one to admit she isn’t front and centre when it comes to fighting the disease. At least, not in the same way as are counselors and support staff. Yet, behind the scenes, Colleen Ward has quietly created as big a footprint around the Edgewood campus as any staff … Read more

What Your Personality Says About Your Gaming Behaviour

Addiction to Gambling

Can your personality predict your gaming behaviour? Well, a study recently published by Society for the Study of Addiction found a connection between problem gambling behaviour and personality traits. Essentially, individuals who demonstrate certain types of gaming behaviours and personality factors are at more risk of developing problems with gambling. What Makes Someone At Risk? … Read more

5 Signs You Might Have a Gambling Problem

While the signs of a process addiction aren’t much different from those of a substance use disorder, there are some key variations that are important to know. Whether it involves lottery tickets, betting on fantasy sport games, casinos, or online poker, compulsive gambling often has serious negative consequences.  From harmful financial losses such as bankruptcy and homelessness … Read more

Am I a Sex Addict?

Are you concerned that some of your sexual behaviours may be unhealthy?  An important first step to finding out if you have a problem is to understand what sexual addiction actually is.  Sex addiction can be defined as a progressive intimacy disorder characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and acts.  Since this is such a mis-understood … Read more