PTSD Mini-Treament at Elmhirst Resort


Mane Intent
PTSD Team with Mane Intent

On October 4, 5, and 6 Bellwood Health Services held a special Mini-Treatment program developed specifically for graduates of our Addiction and PTSD/OSI Treatment Program.  This unique program offered an opportunity to reconnect with the Bellwood PTSD treatment team and their peers and included sessions focusing on: recovery skills and tools, strengthening PTSD symptom management, grounding and self-regulation techniques, trigger management techniques, and PTSD group therapy.

lake view 2

The program was held offsite for the first time at Elmhirst Resort on Rice Lake, near Peterborough, Ontario. The resort is surrounded by beautiful gardens and grounds with many activities to offer.

As part of the program, clients experienced a half day Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) with  Mane Intent. This unique group session is organized in a controlled setting using horses to teach how to reach a specific goal and also to experience the reward of the journey of personal development.

lake view 3For me it was helpful to meet in a serene surrounding and help/support our graduates to stay connected with their recovery, to remind them of their tools and to rekindle hope and optimism for their future The FEEL was innovative and powerful, a new way of getting in touch with emotions and issues to work on.  Thanks to Mane Intent for their good work” -Michael Hartmann, Clinical Manager, PTSD & Trauma Services

 For more information regarding future Bellwood Health Services Mini-Treatment Programs at Elmhirst please contact Rossella Galati or Michael Hartmann.