How Eating Healthy Can Help You With Addiction Recovery

Eating a healthy diet helps you with addiction recovery by allowing your mind and body to work better and heal faster.  It helps you maintain your recovery by supporting your mind and body to function well consistently, thus maintaining your good health. Eating healthy helps you with addiction recovery in a number of specific ways … Read more

How to Create a Comprehensive Addiction and Substance Use Disorder Policy for Your Organization in Canada

Approximately 1-in-25 Canadians over the age of fourteen have an addiction or substance use disorder (ASUD). This means that most large businesses in Canada will experience problems related to ASUDs and should have plans in place for how to address them. Occupational and workplace factors can increase prevalence The following occupational and workplace factors can … Read more

Staying Sober During the Winter Holidays

The winter holiday season is here! People are decorating, putting up lights, wrapping gifts, cooking and baking special holiday treats, and, of course, they are also attending many holiday parties and celebrations. Spending time with family and friends makes it such a wonderful time of the year. However, if it’s your first holiday season in … Read more