Finding Phil: The Road To Redemption.

Opinion by EHN Guest Writer Written by Lorelie Rozzano, an internationally recognized author and advocate. Phil’s childhood was a happy one. The youngest of three, Phil recalls being a sensitive kid who liked drawing, music, and getting into mischief. Phil says it was a rush getting away with things and describes himself as a black … Read more

Family Matters at Edgewood

Family Matters Edgewood Treatment Centre Nanaimo BC

We don’t have to do it all alone. We were never meant to. —Brené Brown Meet Erin Albanese, Family Programs Supervisor at Edgewood Erin was born and raised in Toronto, ON, by Italian and Irish immigrant parents.  She studied, worked, and trained in different parts of Ontario including Guelph and Ottawa before moving to Nanaimo, … Read more

Run for Recovery Raises Awareness and Money to Help Community Members in Need

Run for Recovery Raises Awareness Edgewood Treatment Centre Nanaimo BC

Edgewood Treatment Centre is preparing to host the ninth annual twilight Run for Recovery on Friday, June 21st. The route for the six-kilometre run (or walk) is around the beautiful Westwood Lake in Nanaimo, BC. Proceeds will go to the the Haven Society, a local Nanaimo organization that promotes the integrity and safety of women, … Read more

Six Signs Your University Student Son or Daughter May Have a Drug Problem

Six Signs Your University Student Son or Daughter May Have a Drug Problem EHN Canada

Historically, university campuses have had high rates of binge drinking and drug use, and university students are a high-risk population for developing drinking problems and drug addictions. University students who are members of a fraternity or a sorority, who live on campus, or who are college athletes, are at particularly high risk. If your son … Read more

How Treatment at Bellwood Helped a Veteran Manage His PTSD

Veteran PTSD Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment Bellwood Health Toronto

Michelle Levesque describes her husband’s crippling post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that he developed after sustaining psychological injuries during his military service. She says that sending him to the treatment program at Bellwood was life changing for both her husband and for the rest of the family. The program at Bellwood gave him the tools to … Read more