Interview with Tristan Johnson Alumni coordinator

Meet the man building connections   How long have you been running the Alumni program at Bellwood? “6 years at Bellwood” What is the Alumni program and how does it benefit our patients? “My vision for the Alumni program is to influence the importance of connection. What it does for our patients here is [it] … Read more

Tips for Summer Sobriety

Tips for Summer Sobriety

For many people in recovery, summer has a powerful way of casting it’s ”free spirited” and “uninhibited” spell, making it extremely difficult to abstain from drinking or using. Temptation is ever present at many summer activities, including bonfires, camping, beach days, BBQ’s, weddings and concerts and it’s lure can be very persistent and persuasive. Well … Read more

Nurse Practitioner

Licensed Practical Nurse - LPN

Nurse Practitioner EHN Canada – White Rock, BC   Based on over 35 years of experience in addiction medicine and related mental health issues, EHN-CANADA will offer an unprecedented state-of-the-art treatment program in White Rock, British Columbia. “Whiterock EHN-CANADA” will be a licensed residential treatment facility including 14 beds dedicated to acute medical withdrawal management (“detox”) … Read more

What You Should Know about Alcohol Use Disorder or Alcoholism:

Alcohol Use Disorder Alcohol has been and remains the most common substance of abuse in Canada. While the legal age of alcohol consumption is 19 in most provinces, people typically begin experimenting with alcohol in their min-teens and start drinking without incident in their early twenties and beyond. Despite the common place that alcohol holds … Read more

What you should know about Opioid Use Disorder

As declared by Health Canada and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, North America is in the midst of an Opioid Crisis. It is widely accepted that the crisis has resulted from the proliferation of prescription opiate use, the wide spread availability of potent opiates such and Fentanal, limited access to … Read more