Dr. Ilan Nachim Appointed Medical Director of Bellwood Health Services


Bellwood Health Services, a nationally recognized leader in the treatment of substance use disorders and related mental health issues, is pleased to announce that Dr. Ilan Nachim has been appointed its Medical Director. New to the medical staff at Bellwood, Dr. Nachim has shown great promise in leadership and exceptional patient care since joining Bellwood … Read more

How to Address Addiction and Substance Abuse Disorders in the Canadian Workplace

Approximately 1-in-25 Canadians over the age of fourteen have an addiction or substance abuse disorder (ASAD). This means that most large businesses in Canada will experience problems related to ASADs and should have plans in place for how to address them. Occupational and workplace factors can increase prevalence The following occupational and workplace factors can … Read more

Greg Couillard’s Personal Journey From Celebrity Chef to Addiction Recovery

Greg Couillard Journey To Recovery

The media hailed him as a culinary genius, describing the young chef as “fearless“, “iconic” and a “celebrity chef”. Joanne Kates, arguably Canada’s most influential restaurant critic, wrote that she “worshipped at his shrine”. Publications like Toronto Life and Now magazine used fawning adjectives to describe his fusion cuisine, which forever changed Toronto’s formerly bland … Read more

The Trauma Addiction Connection

The Trauma Addiction Connection

Addiction related trauma develops after a severely shocking and painful experience transforms into a full-blown addiction to drugs or alcohol–usually as a way to cope with an unhealed trauma.  Approximately 75% of people who receive treatment for addiction have experienced a severe traumatic event at some point in their lives—CJ was among this 75%. He … Read more