Wagon: Mobile Clinical Care for Addiction Recovery

November 12th through 18th is Digital Health Week in Canada! On this occasion, we are pleased to introduce Wagon: Canada’s first clinical care app that allows healthcare professionals to monitor and connect with their addiction recovery patients. Wagon is an app that is designed to facilitate the tracking, monitoring, and support of addiction recovery. Patients … Read more

Road to Recovery: Chris Howe

Chris Howe Story of Recovery

Feature Story by Guest Writer Written by Grant Cameron, editor of Fire Fighting in Canada. Eight years ago, Christopher Howe hit rock bottom. He was addicted to alcohol and drugs. He felt alone, desperate, helpless. He also thought about suicide. “I was in a deep, dark hole,” he said matter-of-factly in a presentation at Fire … Read more

Recovery requires a balance between compassionate self-care and hard work

Opinion by EHN Staff Written by Peter A. Levine, a support counsellor who works at Bellwood Health Services. It is common knowledge that a successful recovery process requires a healthy dose of compassionate self-care. What is not so frequently acknowledged is that a successful recovery process also requires a tremendous amount of hard work and … Read more

Sex Addiction: Too Much of a Good Thing?

A valid definition and diagnostic criteria for “sex addiction” have long eluded experts because, historically, definitions and diagnostic criteria have either represented sexually oppressive cultural norms, or they have been vague and imprecise, requiring too much subjective interpretation. Cultural norms, oppressive or otherwise, are not valid bases for diagnostic criteria, because they have no scientific … Read more