Elizabeth Loudon

Clinical Director, EHN West

Elizabeth Loudon has a long history with Edgewood Treatment Center and, as its Clinical Director brings both her experience and clinical expertise to overseeing the delivery of individualized treatment each patient receives at Edgewood.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Counselling, she has worked in a supervisory capacity at Edgewood since 2001 and is currently pursuing certification in the treatment of sex addiction (CSAT). Elizabeth fully understands the devastating effect the disease has on individuals and their families and fights it with everything she’s got.

A passionate advocate for good quality inpatient treatment, Elizabeth works diligently to maintain the high standard of patient care and ongoing post-treatment support for which Edgewood is known. For Elizabeth, the greatest gift her work brings is witnessing the restored health of her patients and their reconnection with their families.

Elizabeth lives with her husband and two rather large, but very friendly dogs.