Programs & Services

Individual, Couples and Family Counselling

We provide a safe and confidential environment for you to share your concerns and make important decisions about your health and well being. Our skilled clinicians listen carefully and collaborate with you to identify your concerns and develop a plan to move towards meaningful change. We utilize a variety of approaches to best suit the individual and his or her goals.


Couples and families are greatly impacted by the presence of addiction, trauma or mental health issues. These issues may impact family unity, undermine intimacy, create patterns of codependency and introduce problems with finances, the legal system, parenting and family violence. We can help you develop awareness and understanding, identify key issues and focus on developing skills and resources to create the changes you desire.

We work with people who are in all stages of change.

Assessment and Treatment Placement

Successful treatment depends on accurately assessing the needs of the individual and developing a treatment plan that encompasses the person along with their challenges and strengths. Various levels of treatment are available to individuals and some are based on factors such as age, severity of symptoms, withdrawal concerns, family responsibilities and finances. Our skilled clinicians work with individuals and families to develop comprehensive treatment plans which address a variety of issues and factors. We will make recommendations and help you to connect with the services you require whether they are within EHN or another treatment provider of your choice.

In some cases, a medical doctor is required by an insurance company or employer for the assessment process. We work with a physician to provide Independent Medical Evaluations (IME) incorporating industry standardized tools to identify key concerns and make recommendations for treatment to assist clients in moving forward with the next steps in getting well.

Trauma and PTSD Therapy

It is essential that symptoms of trauma be addressed in any comprehensive addiction program.

Many people do not recognize the symptoms of trauma such as overwhelming emotion, insomnia, loss of interest, irritability, depression, anxiety, shame and worthlessness, loss of memories, self-destructive behavior, substance abuse, eating disorders, chronic pain and headaches.

People often think that an experience is traumatic only if their life was directly threatened. However, emotional and relationship traumas, particularly in childhood, can impact brain development and emotional and social functioning throughout life.

EMDR is one of two treatments for PTSD which is recognized by the World Health Organization and is offered at our clinic.

Sex Addiction Therapy

Sex addiction may develop on its own or in conjunction with a substance use problem. There is growing awareness in the field of addiction that sex addiction, when left untreated, increases the risk of relapse with substances. Unfortunately, due to the shame that is often associated with compulsive sexual behaviors, many people do not get the help they need. We offer specialized care by a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist who will help you to rebuild a healthy relationship with sex. Utilizing the philosophy of care developed by Patrick Carnes, we offer supports for individuals and families struggling with sex addiction behaviors.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our in depth IOP allows individuals to remain living and working in the community, while addressing their issues with addictive behaviors. This program is an effective option for those who do not require medical detox, are motivated for change and have a safe living environment. Through education on addiction, group therapy and structured activities, this program will assist you with developing self-awareness and implementing change.
The program includes education on addiction, dialectical behavior therapy, relapse prevention strategies, stress reduction and healthy living practices, introduction to community resources and wellness and recovery planning.

The program includes education on addiction, dialectical behavior therapy, relapse prevention strategies, stress reduction and healthy living practices, introduction to community resources and wellness and recovery planning.

It is delivered in 3 phases allowing for continual enrollment and on going support:

PHASE 1: Intake, assessment and individual counselling (family counselling is optional)

PHASE 2: 5 day intensive

PHASE 3: Recovery skills group one evening a week for 6 months as well as individual counselling (family counselling is optional)

Individuals may self refer or be referred by a professional.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Group (DBT)

DBT therapy is an effective means of assisting people with making incremental changes in how they approach life. It is focused on developing skills in interpersonal effectiveness, mindfulness, emotion regulation and distress tolerance. This treatment has been utilized to successfully help individuals with a variety of addiction and mental health concerns to reduce self-destructive behaviors and improve their relationships.

Family Support Program

Family members who are concerned with the destructive behaviors of a loved one often become so focused on the other person that they lose touch with themselves. The stress of living with someone who is abusing substances or acting out in other ways leads to marital breakdown, financial and legal problems, disrupted parenting and physical illness. As a result, family members are often traumatized and in need of their own care. Our clinicians are trained in family systems therapy. We help people learn about addiction, understand the dynamics of codependency and develop healthier ways of coping such as boundary setting and focusing on self-care.

Drug and Alcohol Monitoring

Drug and alcohol monitoring has proven to increase rates of sustained sobriety in people who are receiving counselling and other psychosocial supports. Our staff is certified in drug and alcohol testing and provide randomized testing services which lend accountability and help clients verify their claims of abstinence to family members, employers and lawyers. With your written consent we will provide results of your tests to the parties you identify. This helps prevent relapse and allows for early detection and swift management of relapse in the event it occurs.