Victoria Programs

On the southern edge of Vancouver Island, Edgewood Health Network Victoria offers respite to those suffering from addiction. Our qualified addiction counsellors provide family, group and individual support in a caring and compassionate environment. With a focus on addiction education, therapy, relapse prevention techniques, monitoring and recovery plans, we build customized treatment plans for each of our patients. From assessment, to counselling, treatment and ongoing aftercare, we’re here to guide you every step of the way on your tailor-made journey out of addiction.


Assessment / Treatment Placement

The journey of every patient has a unique beginning. Our industry standard screening tools determine your suitability for either residential treatment or outpatient services and allow us to create a personalized treatment plan. By doing so, we can start the journey to recovery off on the right foot.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The reasons for addiction vary from patient to patient. As a result, different patients have different needs. For some, the journey to recovery means entering one of our treatment facilities. However, there are those who do not require the structured environment of a residential treatment facility. For them, we offer a short term, in-depth outpatient program. Comprised of a consultation and two phases, the program also includes:

Education on addiction / Cognitive Behavioural /Therapy / Relapse prevention techniques / Group therapy sessions / Anxiety management techniques / Healthy living practices /Assessments / Recovery Plan / Family involvement and education / Outside support / Recovery meetings

Individual and Family Counselling

Who among us hasn’t needed a hand at some point in our lives? Our regular check-ins with a qualified addiction professional can improve outcomes and help sustain sobriety – through encouragement, support, and guidance.

Through counselling with our qualified addiction specialists, patients and families access compassionate support, gain self-awareness, and have access to a safe zone where they can communicate their needs and emotions.

Aftercare and Relapse Prevention

The first year of recovery can be tough, but our aftercare program is designed to help you through it with relapse prevention techniques that work. Led by a qualified clinician, aftercare allows you to work through interpersonal, employment and legal problems, and deal with stress in a healthy manner.

Unfortunately, not everyone makes a clean break from addiction. This can be damaging to the families and loved ones of our patients. We can prevent these scenarios from playing out, through a relapse examination that focusses on changing the factors that contribute to the desire to use again.

Drug Testing and Monitoring

Drug monitoring is a proven method of increasing sobriety rates in patients going through early recovery. We supply random drug testing that lends added accountability and helps prevent relapse into addiction. This also allows swift detection and response in case such an event occurs.

With the consent of our patients, random drug testing can prove abstinence to lawyers, EAPs, and employers.

Victoria Specialty Services

Mindfulness Meditation Classes

Our mindfulness meditation classes teach you to live in the moment, and approach life with acceptance of whatever arises. By reducing stress, anxiety and depression, patients can improve their sleep and energy levels, which leads to a healthier state of mind that is perfect for meeting the challenges of overcoming addiction. And like all our other treatments, we help develop an ongoing practice for the individual, as no two patients are exactly alike.

Trauma Processing

Working through a substance use disorder is no easy task. Sometimes, events occur that overwhelm the patient’s ability to cope, causing the nervous system to become blocked. This can result in day to day problems, ranging from relationships issues, negative beliefs, phobias, grief, and trouble sleeping. Our EMDR program unblocks the nervous system, returning control over behaviour and emotions to the patient. EMDR is also effective in combating triggers and cravings in the treatment of addiction.

Sex Addiction Treatment

Edgewood Health Network Victoria offers counselling to men and women struggling with compulsive sexual behaviours. These behaviours may range from excessive viewing of pornography, infidelity, commercial sex and other behaviours which impact a person’s self-esteem and cause distress in the family. Working with a certified sex addiction therapist, the treatment process usually begins with an initial interview to discuss the client’s concerns.

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