Addiction Treatment Programs Toronto

Addiction can be treated effectively, and your personalized journey to recovery begins minutes from the heart of downtown Toronto. As our patient’s first point of contact in dealing with addiction, Edgewood Health Network Toronto provides a comprehensive outpatient program, one-on-one counselling, as well as group and family therapy. Our program is tailored to the individual because no two patients are entirely alike. Whatever your needs are, we can – and will – meet them, and help you on your journey to recovery.

Assessment / Treatment Placement

To give our patients the individualized treatment they need, we use industry standard screening tools to determine their level of addiction. Based on the results, we work to create a suitable treatment plan. Whether the recommendation is residential treatment or outpatient counselling, the Edgewood Health Network will place you in a program that will start your journey to recovery off on the right foot.

Intensive Outpatient Program

In our experience, there are many ways out of addiction. For some, this leads through a treatment facility. However, there are those who do not require inpatient services. For them, we offer an in-depth, short-term outpatient program that meets the needs of the individual and sets them on their journey to recovery. Comprised of a consultation and two phases, the program also includes:

Education/ Cognitive Behavioural Therapy / Relapse prevention techniques / Group therapy/ Anxiety management/ Healthy living practices /Assessments / Recovery Plan / Family involvement and education / Outside support / Recovery meetings

Individual and Family Counselling

Sometimes you just need to talk. Through our counselling services, patients are able to access the compassionate support they need. Our qualified addiction therapists will help guide you towards your goals.

Our support is extended to the entire family. Family counselling provides a safe zone for family members to communicate their own needs and emotions. After all, we are all in this together.

Aftercare and Relapse Prevention

Recovery is a long and challenging journey, littered with obstacles. The first year after treatment is particularly difficult for many patients, which is why our aftercare program exists. We give patients the support network they need. Through group work that places an emphasis on honest feedback and increased awareness, we guide patients as they acclimatize to a life without addiction.

Getting sober for good is always a challenge. Relapse is damaging for patients, their families, and the ones they love. Our relapse examination prevents these scenarios from playing out by focusing on changing the factors that contribute to the desire to use again.

Drug Testing and Monitoring

Accountability can work wonders. That’s why we supply random drug testing. It lends an element of personal responsibility which helps prevent relapse into addiction, and allows swift detection and response in case such an event occurs. It also documents abstinence for lawyers, EAPs and employers.

Toronto Speciality Services:


An intervention is a concerted effort, usually a meeting, designed to help someone you know seek help for their substance use disorder. An intervention is not a strong armed tactic but a caring and carefully orchestrated process to gain the individual’s agreement to seek help. Interventions have helped family, friends or employees recognize the nature of their addiction, its consequences and also offer a plan of action.

Gender Specific Group Therapy

Opening up about addiction can be difficult. In our experience, we have found that dealing with trauma can be made easier through conversations with members of the same gender. By being placed in a supportive, like-minded, understanding environment, they are able to let their guards down – and start to heal.

Outpatient Program for Families

Family members are profoundly impacted by the behaviour of an addicted loved one. The best way to support your loved one’s recovery is to take care of yourself by undertaking your own recovery process.

Our Outpatient Program (OP) for Families is a facilitated group process that offers education about addiction and its impact on relationships. It’s a chance for you to learn strategies that will change destructive relationship patterns and move forward into recovery. If you have been hurt by someone else’s addiction or wish to improve your relationships, our family program is for you. This program is open to individuals who have a family member in an Intensive Outpatient Program, as well as individuals in the community who would like support whether or not their loved one is still using. All family members are welcome to participate.