Seattle Team

Courtney Strong
MA, LMHC, CDP, Clinical Manager

A part of Edgewood Health Network Seattle since its opening, Courtney specializes in the treatment of trauma and addiction, as well as other related mental health disorders.  Courtney is passionate about the opportunity that the Edgewood Health Network offers individuals in the Seattle area, regularly revamping services to provide the highest sophistication in the treatment of Substance Use Disorders.

Nicole Sartore-Babuin
BSW, CDP, Family Programs

Nicole Sartore-Babuin completed her Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Victoria and worked as both inpatient and family counselor at the Edgewood Treatment Center in Nanaimo, BC Canada. In 2004 Nicole relocated to the Seattle, where she pioneered Edgewood’s children’s program Bounce Back. She specializes in working with family members who have been affected by the devastation of addiction and truly believes that everyone deserves a chance to recover.

Carmen Bowen
AAS, CDP, Clinician

Carmen has worked in the chemical dependency field for several years, in both inpatient and outpatient settings. She believes addiction is best treated holistically, by addressing the physical, mental and spiritual aspects, and is continually expanding her education on chemical addiction and other behavioral addictions.

Shea Fitzgerald
MA, CDP, Community Relations Manager

Shea has an MA in Psychology from Brandman University and is a licensed Chemical Dependency Professional.  She is the Community Relations Manager of the Seattle office and spends her time vetting and developing relationships with other healthcare professionals and recovery resources across the country to ensure that our clients have access to the best resources and most trusted providers.  With a background in business and extensive clinical training, Shea is a hybrid in this field and is skilled at assessing healthcare services and client needs to make sure every person that comes through the doors of the Edgewood Health Network Clinic is matched with the best care possible for that individual, regardless of whether it’s with the Edgewood Health Network, or somewhere else.  As the client constructs their recovery support system, Edgewood Health Network works with them to build the ultimate health care team to support their ongoing recovery.

Lindsay Shea
BA, CDP, RYT, Clinician

Lindsay holds a Bachelors Degree in Social Sciences with an emphasis on psychology and sociology from Washington State University and a certificate from Bellevue College in the Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counseling program.  She believes treatment should be based on scientifically based methods that assist her in teaching people effective ways to change while clarifying goals for recovery. Lindsay is a registered yoga instructor who leads our Yoga Therapy group. She believes that integrating yoga into treatment can allow people to heal from substance use disorders in a unique way. Introducing a yoga practice allows people to connect with their thoughts, feelings and physical sensations in a way many people have not before. This space can allow people to engage with themselves and others, and evaluate their automatic patterns of behavior in a different way, to help reduce relapse and substance use disorder related behaviors.

Jessamyn Dean
MA, LMHC, CDP, Clinician

Jessamyn Dean, MA LMHC CDP is a contemplative psychotherapist, who received her Master’s degree from Naropa University, where she was trained in Tibetan Buddhist Psychology, Psychodynamic, Client-Centered, Dialectical Behavioral and Solution-Focused psychotherapies.  Jessamyn specializes in counseling individuals and families who are coping with substance, process and relationship addictions, and concurrent mental health conditions. She is also experienced in aiding individuals with grief counseling, deepening spirituality and healing the effects of childhood abuse.  In addition, she specializes in working with complex developmental trauma. Her supportive, yet direct, approach to counseling is rooted in the introspective practice of mindfulness-awareness meditation.

Krystina Ptasinski
MA, LMHCA, CDPT, Clinician

Krystina Ptasinski holds her Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. Krystina specializes in the treatment of trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, co-occurring mental health conditions and addiction.  She also has a professional background in performance arts. Krystina holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees and is in the process of completing her Chemical Dependency Professional licensure, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming (EMDR) certification and her Master of Arts in Theology from Fuller Seminary. Krystina believes in the integration of the body and mind, paying special attention to psychosomatic symptoms and manifestations of illness/disease in the body as clues to the emotional state and needs of the client. Krystina views addiction through a trauma orientated lens and uses the client’s personal narrative to uncover the underlying issues of addiction. Krystina is passionate about full emotional and physical healing and integration, deepening spiritual connectivity and creating meaning and space for grief and loss to be held and explored on the recovery journey.