Sex Addiction Treatment Program

Compulsive sexual behaviour can be as destructive and devastating as any other addiction. Yet the shame and fear of being stigmatized by society often prevents those with a sexual addiction from seeking help.

As Canada’s leader in the treatment of sex addiction since 2002, we have the experience and expertise to help. Using a highly effective treatment model developed by Dr. Patrick Carnes, a pioneer in the assessment and management of sexual addiction, our team of Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSAT) provide support and guidance on the journey of recovery.

Six-Week Residential Treatment Program

This program is designed for individuals dealing with sexual addiction, as well as those struggling with a substance addiction in addition to sex addiction. Our holistic treatment program helps patients:

  • Identify unhealthy sexual behaviours and their consequences
  • Develop an abstinence treatment plan
  • Create a relapse prevention plan
  • Learn techniques of trigger management
  • Explore core trauma issues
  • Learn about healthy intimacy and healthy sexuality
  • In addition to the general treatment programming, Bellwood’s Residential Sex Addiction
  • Treatment Program includes work relating to family of origin.

Weekly Outpatient Sexual Addiction Group

This weekly, two-hour outpatient group is designed to help individuals:

  • Learn about the disease concept of addiction
  • Identify the consequences of their behaviour
  • Learn strategies to help intervene on urges, fantasies, and thoughts of using or acting out
  • Identify factors that contributed to the development the addiction, how they continue to fuel acting out behaviour, and ways to defuse their power
  • Identify relapse triggers and warning signs
  • Learn about healthy intimacy and healthy sexuality
  • Develop and implement broad-based recovery practices rooted in the abstinence model