Addiction Treatment & Recovery Programs

At Edgewood, we recognize that addiction is persistent and challenging, but so are we.  We know that each person is unique and responds to different approaches and has different life and family experiences.  Our strengths lie in our flexible programming allowing us to customize a tailor made program just for you.

Inpatient Residential Program – A customized, tailor-fit program

Our abstinence-based Inpatient program has been accredited by CARF with exemplary standings and includes:

  • Withdrawal management/detox
  • Treatment of process addiction including gambling & sex addiction
  • Personalized care plans
  • Educational lectures that discuss the nature of drugs and addiction
  • Guided group therapy for open honesty in a safe, supportive environment
  • Individual counselling
  • Psychotherapy including DBT and CBT
  • Anxiety and depression skill-based group
  • Certified CSAT Assessments
  • Facilitated conferences with family & referral sources
  • Nutritional education
  • Supervised physical fitness
  • Peer and self-assessments

Withdrawal Management – Medically supervised detox for maximum safety

Upon admission, all patients will receive a thorough evaluation to assess their health and determine whether supervised withdrawal management is necessary.  Our skilled team of experts will support you through this process.

On-site 24-Hour Medical and Psychiatric Care – A recognized medical facility means no GST.

 Within 72 hours of admission, every patient will receive a thorough medical examination and psychiatric evaluation to assess their health. Patients have ongoing access to Edgewood’s 24/7 medical and psychiatric care throughout their Inpatient and extended stay.

With three in-house addiction medicine doctors, the safety and comfort of our patients are our top priority. Our compassionate clinical team works closely with our expert medical staff to encourage positive lifestyle changes.

Edgewood is a dual diagnosis capable facility, providing psychiatric consultation and ongoing medication management for co-occurring disorders.

  • Onsite full-time Certified ABAM Physician (available 24/7)
  • Two ASAM/ABAM Certified Psychiatrists (available 24/7)
  • 24/7 Nursing Care

Concurrent Trauma & Addiction Program (CTAP)

Designed for members of Canadian Forces and Veterans Affairs Canada, RCMP and First Responders for the treatment of Concurrent Trauma & Addiction.

  • 63-day residential treatment program
  • Small group format (maximum 8 people) ensures feelings of safety and in-depth sharing
  • Patients learn how to manage trauma symptoms and to abstain from their substance use
  • CTP  focused for the treatment of PTSD
  • Facilitated by Trauma Certified Clinicians

Program Focus:

  • Stabilization grounding techniques and self-regulation.
  • Specialized trauma-focused groups including psycho-education, cognitive processing and behavioural therapy, symptoms management, trauma and emotional processing.
  • Weekly PTSD/OSI group therapy as well as exposure and activation therapy.
  • Comprehensive groups that focus on issues pertaining to trauma such as emotional regulation and community integration.
  • Sleep hygiene sessions.
  • Biopsychosocial and spiritual 12-step approach.
  • Abstinence based program.
  • Specialized addiction focused groups which include addressing the essential addiction symptoms, lectures, group therapy and physical exercise.
  • Relapse prevention.
  • Patients learn how to manage trauma symptoms and to abstain from their substance use which supports successful recovery and maintenance of a new healthy lifestyle.

From inpatient care, extended care to family treatment programs– Edgewood provides your family the support and guidance to begin recovery.