Addiction Treatment & Recovery Programs

At Edgewood Treatment Centre, our treatment program matches the strengths and experience of our staff with the specific needs of the individual. This ensures that each path to success is personalized. Edgewood is there with you right from the beginning and after you’ve completed treatment.

Specialized Addiction Treatment for Individuals with Mental Illness

Studies show that individuals with mental illness are more likely to have substance use disorders than the general population in individuals without mental illness. In fact, about half of the people that receive some form of addiction therapy have been shown to have a lifetime history of major depressive differentiate disorder. Likewise, almost half of individuals with major depressive disorder have a lifetime history of a substance use disorder. Our

At Edgewood Treatment Centre, our Interdisciplinary treatment team of professionals are very skilled and experienced in treating individuals with addiction and mental health issues. We provide psychiatric consultation and ongoing medication management for co-occurring disorders. We provide optimal psychiatric care using best practices for concurrent disorders.

From inpatient care, extended care to family treatment programs- Edgewood provides your family the support and guidance to begin recovery.