Problem Gambling Treatment Program

Whether it involves lottery tickets, poker, video lottery terminals, slot machines, online gambling or day trading, a gambling addiction is a serious problem that can result in dire financial and emotional consequences. If gambling has become a way of life to help you escape reality, you need help.

In addition to the general treatment programming, Bellwood’s Problem Gambling Treatment Program includes approximately ten hours a week of problem gambling sessions unique to the problem gambler.

There are several key recovery tasks and goals specific to the problem gambler which include recognizing gambling beliefs and cognitive distortions that help fuel gambling behaviours, gaining an understanding of fantasy thinking, developing insight about their emotional connections to money, dealing with guilt and shame, and learning how to have a healthy relationship with money and being financially accountable for their finances.

Clients participating in Bellwood’s Problem Gambling Treatment Program live within a daily budget and are accountable for what is spent. They attend Gamblers Anonymous meetings and develop a solid recovery plan.

Our Problem Gambling Treatment Program offers hope and recovery to individuals addicted to gambling.