OHIP Covered Services

Bellwood’s OHIP Covered Program for Ontario Residents provides comprehensive care to our patients, promoting long-term recovery.

This program is available to men and women 19 years of age and older who are Ontario residents with a valid health card. A thorough psychosocial and medical assessment is conducted and a physician and other members of the assessment team will determine your suitability for the program. Determining factors include:

  • Physical/psychological functioning (including medical stability)
  • As noted, you may not be eligible for this funded program and may be referred to other Bellwood programs or another treatment facility.


There are no fees for the Initial Assessment Phase, or for standard accommodation in the Residential Treatment Phase. These aspects of the program are funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Bellwood’s Family Program is also included for family members of clients participating in the program.

What if You Require Detoxification?

Bellwood provides withdrawal management/detoxification onsite.

Funding Opportunities for Out-of-Province Clients

Individuals from other provinces may be eligible for funded treatment from their province in Bellwood rehab programs through prior approval from their provincial Ministry of Health. Please contact us for more details about eligibility.