What Your Personality Says About Your Gaming Behaviour

Addiction to Gambling

Can your personality predict your gaming behaviour? Well, a study recently published by Society for the Study of Addiction found a connection between problem gambling behaviour and personality traits. Essentially, individuals who demonstrate certain types of gaming behaviours and personality factors are at more risk of developing problems with gambling. What Makes Someone At Risk? […]


Dependence Vs. Addiction- What’s the difference?

    Joshua Montgomery, Director of Operations- Bellwood Health Services Transcript from video: When we talk about addiction and when we talk about opiate use, a lot of things come up. There are a lot of questions around: What’s dependence? What’s tolerance? What’s pseudoaddiction? What’s actually addiction? And they are all very great questions. Addiction […]


It is really just social drinking?

There are social situations that some people attend specifically to get drunk, do drugs or both. Places like bars, clubs, vape lounges and parties.  And music festivals. Over the weekend, there were 17 overdoses at the Calgary music festival Chasing Summer.  Ten men and seven women were taken to the hospital over Friday and Saturday. Some […]