Bellwood – Improving and facilitating women’s access to treatment

Bellwood Female Treatment

While Bellwood is a coeducational treatment facility, we are making female admissions one of our top priorities.

There is a relatively equal population divide between men and women when it comes to addiction; however, far fewer women than men seek assistance in addiction treatment centres. This can be demonstrated through industry data, that shows that female clientele in addiction centres comprise less that 30% of the total. It is also represented at Bellwood, where the female clientele is approximately 20%.

As a progressive organization, we know that there exists a large opportunity for Bellwood to better attract and serve female clients. Admitting to addiction problems and seeking treatment is proven to be much riskier for women than for men. There are several barriers that affect women more intensely and directly than men. The most prominent of these barriers include internal, social, economic and familial responsibility barriers. Increased societal stigma, a lack of sensitivity from primary care physicians to female issues and childcare responsibilities are some of the most important factors limiting female enrolment.

Bellwood has a goal of improving and facilitating women’s access to treatment. To do this, we are making an effort to improve the education of primary care physicians, create more individualized care for the specific needs of female clients, create more gender sensitive areas and reduce the stigma around women seeking treatment through social media and business campaigns.

At Bellwood, we see this issue as an opportunity and we know that we can play an important and leading role in addiction treatment for women. We know that this will be beneficial to society and will make a significant impact and we are happy to play a leadership role on this important issue.

By Talia Satchu