Why Families Need to Talk About Addiction

young teens

Written by: Nicole Sartore-Babuin, BSW, CDP, Family Programs- EHN Seattle Last week I had the pleasure of volunteering at my daughter’s third grade class to help with an art project. At the end of the lesson some of the kids started talking about politics – Donald Trump in particular. All of the sudden the entire […]


Why a Medically Managed Detox is Important

Some of you may be familiar with what withdrawal might look like if you’ve seen the movie, The Basketball Diaries starring Leonardo DiCaprio. In one of the scenes, Leonardo DiCaprio is experiencing withdrawal with no medical intervention and trying to go ‘cold turkey.’ He’s become addicted to Heroin and with the help of his friend […]


Is There a Relationship Between ADHD and Substance Use Disorder?

ADHD and Addiction

Written by: Dr. Charles Whelton, MD, FRCP(C ), ABAM During their initial psychiatric evaluation at Edgewood, patients often describe a lifelong history of poor attention, hyperactivity and distractibility.  Many patients wonder if they have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and ask if this could be tested for, and treated if it is present, while they are at […]


What You Need To Know About Lethal Drug W-18


W-18, a drug referred to by the media as “a Frankenstein,” is making headlines because Health Canada has confirmed a number of Fentanyl overdoses in connection with it. Scientists state it’s more potent and lethal than Heroin or Fentanyl.[1] Originally, it was created to relieve pain several years ago and forgotten. W-18 has shifted back […]